All suite pricing is sold net of the HST rebate to qualified purchase.  In the event that the purchaser does not qualify (eg. Not your primary residence, not a Canadian Citizen/Resident) will have to pay an amount equal to the HST rebate to the vendor on closing.

As stated in the Purchase and Sale Agreement;

The Purchaser shall be obliged to pay to the Vendor (or to whomsoever the Vendor may in writing direct), by certified cheque delivered on the Title Transfer Date, an amount equivalent to the Rebate, in addition to the Purchase Price and in those circumstances where the Purchaser maintains that he is eligible for the Rebate despite the Vendor’s belief to the contrary, the Purchaser shall (after payment of the amount equivalent to the Rebate as aforesaid) be fully entitled to pursue the procurement of the Rebate directly from CRA.  It is further understood and agreed that in the event that the Purchaser intends to rent out the Unit before or after the Title Transfer Date, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to the Rebate, but may nevertheless be entitled to pursue, on his own after the Title Transfer Date, the federal and provincial new rental housing rebates directly with CRA, pursuant to Section 256.2 of the Excise Tax Act, as may be amended, and other applicable legislation to be enacted relating to the provincial new rental housing rebate.

When purchasing a new condo or home to rent out, the Ontario NRRP Rebate can only be applied for by the buyer after closing and never by the vendor. The Purchaser will need to pay the full purchase amount including HST upfront until he or she is granted the rebate. For this reason, anyone who buys a new home or condo as an investment property should promptly apply for the rebate.

For more information please visit, New Residential Rental Property Rebate-Government of Canada