Each owner will pay to the Condominium Corporation his/her proportionate share of the following common expense for the building:

  • Domestic hot and cold water for the common building area.
  • Common Area Utilities (including heat, hydro, air conditioning, water and gas, if applicable)
  • Common Area base building and your suite insurance (owners will need to procure their own homeowners insurance)
  • Common Area Property Taxes (owners responsible for condominium unit property taxes)
  • Common Area repairs, maintenance and replacement, including cost for exterior window cleaning, maintenance and repair of amenity areas, including furniture and equipment therein.
  • Property management fees and disbursements (part-time manager and maintenance staff, office supplies, phone & fax lines, administrative accounting, consultants, licenses and fees, etc.)
  • Reserve Fund and Study
  • Cost of legal, accounting, auditing and engineering services or other professional advice and services required by the Condominium Corporation
  • Monthly estimated condo fees are $0.32 (32 cents) per square foot of the suiteā€™s area.