What does Barrier Free Suites mean?2016-11-22T16:54:46+00:00

The building code requires that 15 per cent of homes within a new multi-unit residential building have a barrier-free design. Doors and hallways have to be wider to allow room for a wheelchair and ramp dimensions have been updated to make new buildings easier to access washrooms.

Will Barrier Free Suites include accessibility specifications? 2016-11-22T16:54:32+00:00

No, each suite will be designed with standard finishes.  If you require accessibility specification modifications to your suite, this can be arranged during your design consultation with our Interior Designer.

What is the property tax?2016-11-22T16:46:02+00:00

Although, these suites have not been assessed. It is fair to say that the property taxes will be estimated about 1.3 percent of the assessed value.

What will I require when it comes to insurance on my suite?2018-02-21T21:47:03+00:00

A building insurance policy typically will cover common areas, such as the structure, lobby and elevators, but does not cover an owner’s personal belongings. Condominium insurance requirements vary across Canada. You should consult the provincial condominium legislation, your condominium’s governing documents as well as a condominium insurance specialist to ensure sufficient coverage.

Will I be allowed to do any upgrades on my own or hire my own subcontract to work on my suite?2018-02-21T21:47:03+00:00

No, Due to liability issues, any customization must be performed after the suite has been sold and the owner has legally closed. At that time, the owner may customize the suite provided doing so complies with guidelines established in the Condominium Corporation and with the express written permission of the Condominium’s Board of Directors, as per the Rules and Regulations and By-laws of the Condominium Corporation.

What can or can’t I do inside of my own suite with regards to changes once I’ve taken ownership?2016-11-22T16:42:48+00:00

Any décor changes are permitted that do not require structural changes.

After the building is complete and I have purchased my suite, will there be any restrictions when selling my condo to someone else?2018-01-23T15:04:13+00:00

Yes, once the Suite has been closed and you have received Title, you may choose to sell your suite.

What expenses are NOT included in the Condo fees?2016-11-22T16:41:29+00:00
  • In suite Hydro billed directly to you based on the usage recorded by you individual hydro meter. Items include electricity for lights, plugs, appliances, exhaust fans and air conditioning and air exchanger.
  • Gas used in your suite, recorded by your individual gas meter.
  • Homeowners insurance on your contents and any upgrades
  • Individual Suite property taxes
  • Communication Services (phone, internet, TV, etc.)
  • Individual comfort-controlled heating and air conditioning on demand for seasonal comfort year round, supplied as part of a rental contract with Reliance Home Comfort. The Purchaser agrees to assume the rental agreement.
What part of the Condo do I actually own?2016-11-22T16:40:52+00:00

In most instances, you own everything inside your condo suite, including the half-thickness of the walls which separate you from neighbouring suite owners. In addition, you own a proportionate and prorated share of all common elements and the land on which the condo complex is built.

What do I need to know as a Condo home owner?2016-11-22T16:40:05+00:00

You are bound by the rules and regulations, contained in the condo’s Declaration and by-laws. These by-laws tend to have restrictions, allowing pets or otherwise, not allowing a commercial business to operate from your suite.

The overall decision-making process of the condo complex is made by the majority of the suite owners and executed by their Condo Corporation’s Board members or elected Association.

How much can the Condo maintenance fees increase?2016-11-22T16:39:13+00:00

Increases can happen at any time and for a number of reasons, like an unexpected major repair, or just to keep up with rising costs.  It is expected that they would rise with inflation

Any increases would be approved by the condo board which is made up of owners, when the annual budget is set by the board of directors.

What do the maintenance fees include?2016-11-22T16:38:31+00:00

Each owner will pay to the Condominium Corporation his/her proportionate share of the following common expense for the building:

  • Domestic hot and cold water for the common building area.
  • Common Area Utilities (including heat, hydro, air conditioning, water and gas, if applicable)
  • Common Area base building and your suite insurance (owners will need to procure their own homeowners insurance)
  • Common Area Property Taxes (owners responsible for condominium unit property taxes)
  • Common Area repairs, maintenance and replacement, including cost for exterior window cleaning, maintenance and repair of amenity areas, including furniture and equipment therein.
  • Property management fees and disbursements (part-time manager and maintenance staff, office supplies, phone & fax lines, administrative accounting, consultants, licenses and fees, etc.)
  • Reserve Fund and Study
  • Cost of legal, accounting, auditing and engineering services or other professional advice and services required by the Condominium Corporation
  • Monthly estimated condo fees are $0.32 (32 cents) per square foot of the suite’s area.
What are the Condo maintenance fees?2016-11-22T16:37:58+00:00

The maintenance fees are depended on the size of the suite. It is estimated at 32 cents per square foot.

As a condo owner you are required to pay mandatory monthly maintenance fees. These fees are separate from your monthly mortgage payments. Maintenance fees go toward paying for the overall upkeep of the common areas in a condo complex.

Are the light fixtures included?2016-11-22T16:56:10+00:00

Your suite will be delivered with standard porcelain light fixtures. You are then free to replace them with light fixtures that best suit your décor needs.

What appliances are included with each suite?2016-11-22T16:56:04+00:00

Each suite will be outfitted with an Energy Star, high efficiency appliance package that includes:

  • 33” Stainless Steel Fridge
  • 30” Stainless Steel Electric Range
  • 24” Stainless Steel Dishwasher
  • 30” Contemporary Stainless Steel Chimney Hood Vent
  • 24” Stackable laundry pair
Will I have to decide which colour options and upgrades I want at the time of Purchase and Sale?2016-11-22T16:55:56+00:00

No, our design consultants will arrange an appointment with you once the building is under construction to select your finishes and any upgrades.

Will I be able to choose a colour palette or upgrades in appliances and other interior features?2016-11-22T16:55:49+00:00

Yes, once the construction is well underway, we will schedule an appointment with all purchasers to select colour palettes, and any upgrade requests at our State of the Art Design Studio.

Does Scenic Trails Building allow domestic pets?2016-11-22T16:34:47+00:00

Yes, with some restrictions. A “household pet” or “pet” is defined as a dog (which is no larger than thirty-five (35) pounds), domestic cat, caged bird or fish, or any other animal that the Board may designate as a pet in its sole discretion from time to time. Refer to the Condominium’s Rules and Regulations when they become available.

Are there laundry facilities?2016-11-22T16:33:55+00:00

Each residential suite has a stackable washer and dryer. No common area laundry facilities will be provided in the building.

Will there be a swimming pool in the building?2016-11-22T16:33:21+00:00

No, since 90% of a pool’s use is often used by only 10% of the residents in a building. We have opted not to add this expense to the Condominium Corporation and its members.

What other amenities will be available?2016-11-22T16:32:03+00:00
  • Gym and Yoga Studio
  • Games Room
  • Canine Spa Station
  • Wine Cellar complete with available private Wine Lockers
  • Party Room
  • Media room with state of the art Game Simulator
  • 2 Beautiful Landscaped Interior Courtyards
  • Outdoor BBQ Area
  • Outdoor Gas Fire Pit
  • Tranquil Water Feature
  • The Cave, a unique indoor/outdoor space that allows you to entertain all year round
  • Bicycle Storage and Repair Station
  • Available Storage Lockers
  • Meeting Boardroom
Will there be owner storage lockers available?2016-11-22T16:31:01+00:00

There is limited lockers available for purchase. It will be based on first come, first serve.

How many parking spaces will be assigned to each condominium?2016-11-22T16:29:50+00:00

One assigned parking space within the enclosed structure will be included in the purchase of the suite, and assigned on your possession date. Based on availability, one additional parking space can be purchased.

Where can visitors park?2016-11-22T16:20:42+00:00

There will be at grade parking spaces for use by visitors at no additional charge.  No visitor parking underground.

Does the building have a security system?2016-11-22T16:20:15+00:00

Yes. The Lobby, Main Entry vestibule and Garage will have surveillance cameras. Key fob access to the building entrances, underground parking garage and other common areas.  Secure and well-lit underground parking area, monitored with cameras and two way voice communication from entry and selected area of underground garage.

What systems are being installed for telephone, TV, Internet Access and Security?2016-11-22T16:19:35+00:00

We will pre-wire each suite with cable TV in Master Bedroom, Living area and Den. Pre-wired for one dedicated telephone line and data line in living area. Individual Electrical service panel with circuit breakers located within the suite. Owners will be able to have security systems installed in their suites, at the owner’s expense once they take possession from the Vendor.

Can I make changes to my floorplan?2016-11-22T16:55:02+00:00

Structural changes will not be permitted, due to the structural integrity of the building.

What is the quality of the soundproofing?2018-02-21T21:47:03+00:00

The expertise of our partners and that of an acoustics specialist has established a level of soundproofing quality that surpasses industry standards. Nevertheless, soundproofing cannot fully absorb certain types of sounds such as vibrations from stereo loudspeakers playing deep bass sounds or people running down the stairway.

Is the building designed to be Barrier Free?2016-11-22T16:16:15+00:00

Yes, the common areas of the building includes some of the requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC 1997, Section 3.8) in accessibility planning and universal design.

Will some of the suites be available to move into before the entire building is completed?2016-11-22T16:15:41+00:00

Yes, you will be able to move into the building once all life safety issues are approved. (Fire alarms, water sprinklers, etc.)

How many suites must be sold in order for the condominium to begin construction?2016-11-22T16:15:02+00:00

115 Suites

When will Scenic Trails Condo Building be completed?2018-10-23T17:08:29+00:00

Projected completion is slated for fall 2019, but it will be highly based on sales, and construction.

What is the projected build time for this project?2016-11-22T16:13:09+00:00

Estimated build time is 18 Months, this is of course, dependent on weather, trades, etc

How is garbage and recycling disposed of?2016-11-22T16:12:27+00:00

A garbage chute is located on every level of the building beside the elevators. Recycling bins are located in the garage level. Garbage collection is privately contracted and is part of your condo fees.

Is public transit easily accessible?2016-11-22T16:10:38+00:00

Yes, a bus stop is located on Redfern Avenue.

What is the property management company?2016-11-22T16:01:35+00:00

Property Management Guild (PMG)

How many suites will be in the building?2016-11-22T16:01:07+00:00

144 suites that includes 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom + Den, 2 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom + Den

Where is Scenic Trails Condominium building located?2018-02-21T21:47:03+00:00

1 Redfern Avenue, (corner of Sanatorium Road and Redfern Ave.) on the Hamilton West Mountain

When will I receive my condominium information?2016-11-22T15:58:28+00:00

You will receive a USB information package of the condominium rules and regulations at the time of purchase.

What should I expect at the VIP event?2016-11-22T15:57:47+00:00
  • It will be based on first-come first-serve
  • Upon arrival – you will register and receive a number that is assigned to you
  • It is highly recommended that you decide on what suite(s) you would like to purchase, PRIOR to the event due to limited time.
  • All purchasers will leave with a signed Purchase and Sale Agreement, Condominium documents in a USB form, and a brochure.
What is Interim Occupancy fee?2016-11-22T15:57:01+00:00

The closing date is when the ownership of the condominium suite is registered and transferred over to the buyer (you) from the builder. This registration cannot take place until all the suites in the condominium building have reached a degree of construction (as set out in the regulations of the Condo Act). However, before the building is registered many of the suites will be substantially complete and will already have obtained the occupancy permits from the city. This allows the builder to move the owners in, without the owner having ownership of the suite. It is standard for a developer to require the buyer to take occupancy before the buyer gets ownership, and will be written out in the agreement of purchase and sale.

As an Investor what should I know?2018-02-21T21:47:03+00:00

All suite pricing is sold net of the HST rebate to qualified purchase.  In the event that the purchaser does not qualify (eg. Not your primary residence, not a Canadian Citizen/Resident) will have to pay an amount equal to the HST rebate to the vendor on closing.

As stated in the Purchase and Sale Agreement;

The Purchaser shall be obliged to pay to the Vendor (or to whomsoever the Vendor may in writing direct), by certified cheque delivered on the Title Transfer Date, an amount equivalent to the Rebate, in addition to the Purchase Price and in those circumstances where the Purchaser maintains that he is eligible for the Rebate despite the Vendor’s belief to the contrary, the Purchaser shall (after payment of the amount equivalent to the Rebate as aforesaid) be fully entitled to pursue the procurement of the Rebate directly from CRA.  It is further understood and agreed that in the event that the Purchaser intends to rent out the Unit before or after the Title Transfer Date, the Purchaser shall not be entitled to the Rebate, but may nevertheless be entitled to pursue, on his own after the Title Transfer Date, the federal and provincial new rental housing rebates directly with CRA, pursuant to Section 256.2 of the Excise Tax Act, as may be amended, and other applicable legislation to be enacted relating to the provincial new rental housing rebate.

When purchasing a new condo or home to rent out, the Ontario NRRP Rebate can only be applied for by the buyer after closing and never by the vendor. The Purchaser will need to pay the full purchase amount including HST upfront until he or she is granted the rebate. For this reason, anyone who buys a new home or condo as an investment property should promptly apply for the rebate.

For more information please visit, New Residential Rental Property Rebate-Government of Canada

How many Suites can I buy?2016-11-22T15:48:26+00:00

Each individual or Corporation entity can purchase a maximum of 2 suites.

Will my initial deposit cheque be processed within the 10 day conditional period?2016-11-22T15:47:29+00:00

Yes, your cheque will be deposited immediately.

What if I am unable to get financing?2016-11-22T15:47:35+00:00

Your lawyer must notify the vendor within the 10 day conditional period, where your deposits will be returned to you in full.

Will my deposit be protected?2018-02-21T21:47:03+00:00

When buying a pre-construction condo from a reputable developer, your purchase is covered by the Tarion Warranty Corporation, TRION provides deposit protection of up to a maximum of $20,000. Any deposits greater than $20,000 will either be held in Lawyers trust account. This way, in the unlikely event that the condo project is not completed, no deposits will be lost the financial loss.

Can we make changes or negotiation the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?2016-11-22T15:42:43+00:00

No, the contract will be non-negotiable and no modifications will be permitted.

Will I need to see a lawyer prior to purchasing a suite?2016-11-22T15:43:35+00:00

No, however it is your responsibility to deliver the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) to your lawyer once it has been accepted. There will be a conditional period for lawyer review for 10 calendar days (not business days).  Once the 10 calendar days has been reached, your APS will be firm and binding, unless your lawyer notifies the Vendor.

What is required at the time of signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?2016-11-24T00:23:44+00:00
  • 4 post-dated cheques (see above)
  • Lawyer’s contact information including email
  • Social Insurance Numbers (SIN)
  • Valid Government issued licence or passport
What is the deposit structure set up?2018-03-19T17:45:49+00:00

Deposit structure is as follows:

  • $5,000 due the day of signing
  • Balance to 5% @ 30 days
  • 5% @ 90 days
  • 5% @ 120 days

Cheques will be payable to Wynne, Pringle, Jeske & Kovacs, In Trust

5% of balance due of the Purchase Price will be payable on the Interim Occupancy Date.

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